The Married Indian

Third knock on the door and she opened it,

“Don’t you know it’s raining outside?” watching me drenched, my loving wife yelled at me. Wives are allowed to yell.

“I forgot my umbrella in the office.” I said keeping my wet bag on the centre table and sat down on the floor removing my socks. By now, enough water clustered on the table for my wife to get mad.

“Sorry.” I said as soon as I saw her and picked up the bag with the quickest reflex possible.

“Give it to me.” she said in a low voice and took the bag from me, “Change your clothes honey or you might catch cold.” she added and started removing everything that was inside the bag and walked away with the dripping bag.




It was five in the evening and I was sitting in our bedroom in front of a mirror with a towel wrapped around my waist and another towel in my hand trying to dry off my wet hairs, and while doing so I was thinking about Ananya, my loving wife and how, in these 2 years of our marriage she really took care of me and supported me whenever needed.

“I love you honey.” I said as she entered into the room.

“You still have that towel draped? Your hairs are still wet honey, you will surely catch cold.” she said and snatched the towel from me and started rubbing it against my head.

“Done. Wear some clothes now.” she said pointing at the clothes kept on the bed.




“Sameer, come here.” Ananya got the tea and some evening snacks ready. Balcony was almost wet due to this rain and there were two big chairs kept, but instead of sitting on the either chairs, Ananya chose to adjust on my chair and I thanked god that she is not fat. Enjoying the rain, the cold breeze and sipping on our tea we started talking and the conversations led to our college days. Ananya rested her back on my chest and I hugged and kissed her whenever I felt like.

“I miss college, carefree life.” she said with a nostalgic tone.

Yes, we were those college time lovers and yes, ours was the love marriage.

“Let’s go for a movie,” I said and checked for the timings. “8 PM. Perfect, we’ll have dinner at Hotel Raj there.” I added.

“Okay, but it might get little expensive dear,” she showed her concern.

“Nothing is expensive when it comes to you baby,” I said and gave a kiss on her forehead.

“hmmm. I want two Audi R8’s. One in red colour and other in Pink,” she said with the naughtiest smile.

“Let’s get ourselves ready, it’s already 6:45,” I said and got up from the chair and walked inside and she continued her evil laughter.




“Dilwale or Bajirao Mastani?” I asked looking at the posters of the movies shelled behind the big reflective glasses.

“Ahan, obvious questions. Dilwale it is. Shahrukh Khan.” she said the name Shahrukh Khan squeaking her voice a bit. She loves Shahrukh.

“Bajirao Mastani,” I said and her whole Shahrukh Khan world ended, she gazed at me with her big black eyes wide open.

“No. Dilwale. You want to see Deepika and Priyanka, I know.”

“Double offer,” I said with a wide smile which obviously Ananya hated.

“Double trouble.” she mumbled looking away from me. Ananya has that capability of getting angry on the tinniest thing available.

“So it’s Dilwale,” saying this she swiped her credit card on the booking counter.

“Which seats?” I asked.

She looked into the tickets and said, “AA5 and AA6. That’s in the middle. Perfect view.” She said and I imagined how I miss our college days when corner seats used to be the priority while booking for a movie, no reason, but just to have that little chance to kiss or atleast hold hands. Ananya sat on my right grabbing my arm and resting her head on my shoulder.

“Popcorn?” I asked.

“No, no.” she said, resentful of the prices.

I grinned a bit and wondered how in college days, popcorn, cold drinks and burgers were a necessity for a movie but now after the 2 years of marriage only MRP’s are considered.


“Nice movie,” I said stepping out of the exit door and flipping over the tickets into the bin.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Ananya said pitching high and jumping on every ‘Yes.’

“Not even a single kiss,” I pointed out grabbing her hand and lacing our fingers together.

“That’s why Shahrukh is the best.” she said with proud.

“Us dear,” I corrected to what she took from that.

“You wanted to kiss in there? Sameer, Shut up, you anyways get more. Everyday.” she said with a smile and pressing her voice hard on ‘Everyday.’

We walked down to our car and I sat on the driving seat and she sat on my left, as I turned the keys to the ignition, she gave a peck on my left cheek. I smiled.

“Hotel Raj?” I asked.

“Yes, let’s attack on some food.” she said rubbing her palms together with a wicked smile, as if planning to bomb the Hotel.

“Veg Jaipuri, Paneer Masala and 6 tandoori rotis.” She ordered.

“Starters?” I asked, to which she gestured a No.

“Kriti Sanon was amazing,” I said, though I already knew how Ananya would react.

“You! You! You!” She said gesturing a throwing punch on every ‘You’.

“Sorry, Sorry.” I apologized instantly, smiling.


Stepping over the welcome mat outside our house, I turned the key thrice in clockwise direction into the keyhole of the door and pushed a little.

“Ahhh, nice evening honey.” Ananya said wrapping her arms around my shoulder as we entered. I didn’t waste another second and grabbing her waist I kept my lips on hers.

“I love you,”

“I love you too,” whispering her reply in my ears she grabbed me, giving a tight hug.

There was no music but we stayed in that position for a while swaying to the loud music of silence until I sneezed loudly,


“Like I said before, you might catch cold.” She said with a sense of pride for her accurate foretelling and I fell deeper in love with this beautiful foreteller.

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