9 Years.

9 years ago, we both met and as destiny could have worked, we found ourselves in each other.
We were never destined to drift apart, but in the end, it’s always someone else’s plan that works. Deities got wrong here.

Now, as you are not here, I don’t know how to put myself together. Numb me, never understood how to react. Never cried and never laughed.

You were the girl whom I found when I was 12 and wanted it to last till I was 100. Anyways, my smoking habits won’t let me live that long now, I will come to you by 50. Quick enough.

I saw the car that day after the accident and denied the fact that you are no more because that’s not how the queens are taken to heaven, so I strongly believe that you inhabit here in every other thing around me.

Perplexity in me has a new level now, like whenever It’s breezy and the door of my room crash opens due to the wind, I sense it’s you, came to see if I’m doing good, but my wet eyes narrate, that I can never be good without you and all I want is you to walk past that door and pound on me, I’d be happy then. I know I’m being a little impractical here but I cannot overcome the feelings.

Completely nonplussed me, even tried to get my mind away and dated this most beautiful girl after you, but I wasn’t able to take it there. She wasn’t you.

Someone, the other day asked me if I still love you?
I gently nodded with a ‘Hmm’ and thanked you for the pleasant absence.

My little life presently is a depleting graph and I’m sure that I have ruined my career and pretty sure I’ll do the same with my future. A wholesome fiasco.
I cannot promise to perform well there but I can promise to have you in my prayers, every day, every second. Loving you even more than before and someday surely we will meet again to complete our infant love.

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