You and me, were the perfect we.

Don’t you think so?

Where you was you and me, obviously me. Not grammatically correct but really up with a funny story.

As you read further; the perception of you and me might change, forever.

You and me met at a café sipping on our coffee and sitting not on the same table but still trying to have a glimpse of you and me.

You dared and approached me

You was good and funny and me had humor that happened occasionally.

You and me were oddly weird.

You and me were as close as two people could be, without ripping each other’s head off.

Me held hands of you with a pounding heart, smiling lips and comforted soul.

You, sometimes pounded on me with red face and anger dropping of it, I guess out of jealousy, but it was you trying to claim me.

God may forgive himself for putting lightening and thunder together under the same sky.

But still, you always wanted me out of the harms way.

Me always tried to kiss you and got slapped away.

This was the story of you and me; craving for lust, wanting to be together, fighting with each other, but still together.

You & Me.

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