Talkwalker AI Engine gives social media analytics automation for faster brand insights. 

New in the block, packed with artificial intelligence, Talkwaker automation engine will reshuffle the social media listening, lowering the time spent with analytics task.

NEW YORK, Sept. 18, 2018, PRNewswire:- Talkwalker, announced the launch of its artificial intelligence embedded social media listening and analytics platform naming it, ‘Talkwalker AI Engine’

This is an uplift of technology and broadening of AI that creates impactful outcomes as it benefits the time factor, PR and also marketing at the same time. The automating social data analytics gives more time to focus on business insights and making them faster.

The major advantage of Talkwalker AI Engine is its efficient management to end users and its fulfilment of high-quality data at really less time permitting those end users to focus on the insights that drive the brand results.

Talkwalker AI Engine lays the foundation for the forthcoming technologies based on artificial intelligence within Talkwalker Analytics Platform. This merges the broad worldwide coverage of data with the deepness of technology by Talkwalker enabling the users to be more accurate about brand insights.

Other than being the newly included with artificial intelligence, the Talkwalker AI Engine has several other key features:

  • Creating Custom Models: User friendly by default, Talkwalker AI Engine allows user to create custom clean high-quality projects without the need of wasting time jumbling with the Booleans. It creates high accuracy and avoids the human error at the best.
  • Sentiment Creation with AI: Interpreting the natural emotions using language processing, also types of irony and sarcasm can be looked in with tangible, measurable metrics. It focuses on the complete sentence rather than the keywords enabling it to achieve the massive accuracy of 90%. Its accuracy helps it to measure the positive and negative factors impacting the business with clear understanding of brand sentiment.
  • Visual Insights: With a massive database containing over 30,000 brand logos, the image recognition technology searches and compares any image with the data base that gives users an advantage to detect their brand on different social media and news platforms.

Talkwalker’s clients already are experiencing the efficient, accurate and quickness of the it’s AI Power, making their social listening with,

– 45% reduction of negative results by a pharmaceutical company.

– 250% was the increased relevant result of a telecommunication provider.

Talkwalker has been enhancing its capability in AI for more than three years over a heavy investment and an ever-expanding team of scientists crafting the artificial intelligence over the step of Talkwalker.

Talkwalker boosts the impact of more than 1000 brands and agencies with their social listening and analytics company. Talkwalker promote brands worldwide with easy to use platform with the adhere protection.

Talkwalker uses AI-Powered technologies to communicate in 187 different languages and invigilate them online in real-time across different platforms. Talkwalker has a free alerting service used by millions of end users.

Talkwalker has offices in major cities like New York, Luxembourg, San Francisco and Frankfurt.

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