5 Best Places in Kochi that are Great Tourists attraction

Best places in Kochi are many but tough to spot as we all know that Kochi is the land of dramatic landscapes and extreme charisma glowing through its backwaters to its beaches and to its green hills, it has the power to make you awestruck.
Kochi with its glowing greenery has the brightest culture to be found in God’s own Country, with numerous art and dance forms, and as they say, ‘It’s sin to see Kochi and not Kathakali,’ which in itself is a blend of culture.

Kochi is infamous for the Backwaters, which are an amazing delight and is said to be one ‘Lifetime Experience’ which stands true with views and a promise of the freshness of life.
Kochi is also known for its inland lakes, temples, architecture, hills, and beaches that add to the blessing of the land.
Kochi is a divine experience of sightseeing because of the authenticity of the destinations that take anyone out of the rush of life and allow them to feel the essence of this real life.

5 Best Places in Kochi that are Great Tourists attraction
5 Best Places in Kochi that are Great Tourists attraction

1. Veeranpuzha Backwaters

Veeranpuzha Backwaters is located to the north of Kochi city at about 29 km from the Kochi airport.
Veeranpuzha is an extension of the famous Vembanad Lake and is blessed with the scenic beauty of golden sand and blue water beaches, and is a beautiful sunset point.

Veeranpuzha Backwaters
Veeranpuzha Backwaters

2. Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi stays in the heart of Kochi city with the majestic Arabian Sea by its side. It is 15 km from the Ernakulam Railway station and is easily accessible through local transport.
Fort Kochi is known for its “Old-world colonial charm” and still showcases the changes it has gone through over the years.

Fort Kochi
Fort Kochi

3. Marine Drive

Overlooking the backwaters of Kochi, Marine Drive is located in the city and is one of the most visited spots by tourists. It is well-known a place to spend time with your loved ones alone with the passing city by your side.

Marine Drive, Kochi
Marine Drive, Kochi

4. Kerala Kathakali Centre

Kerala Kathakali Centre is located at Fort Kochi and has witnessed dance performances from many prominent dancers. The centre is built to showcase the famous Malabar style of architecture and mainly focuses on the carvings done on the wood.

Kerala Kathakali Centre
Kerala Kathakali Centre
Kochi - Swipe File Copywriting

5. Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

Located in the close vicinity of Kochi City, Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary is 3 km from the Ernakulam Railway station.
This Sanctuary is spread over 2.75 hectares and has major mangroves plantation with several migratory birds visiting the densely populated trees land of Kochi.

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary
Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

Here are the 5 Best Places in Kochi that have become the centre of tourist attraction for the city and also for the state of Kerala.
Do visit the ‘God’s own Country’ and share your experience.

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