The Liberacy is an Indian News agency, established in 2019 by its founder Hemant Sahu and ever since then, it is working for the betterment of the contents shown and circulated in India and around the world.

The Liberacy believes in a democracy that is Liberal with its thoughts.

Logo of The Liberacy describes the balance between the two kinds that exist in society. Red is for the extreme and angry population, while Grey is for the calm and emotionless; and the white in-between these two opposite poles describe peace. They believe that it is possible to establish peace among the two sides of the world with its content and words.

Website:- www.theliberacy.com
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Tumblr:- www.theliberacy.tumblr.com
Youtube:- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpQ9q8eXgvdrcAJ9L5Lku3A

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