The Liberacy is an Online News platform, established on 21st April 2019 and ever since then, it is working for the betterment of the contents shown and circulated in India and around the world, that matters the most and that would affect the lives of the common people.

The Liberacy believes in a Democracy that is Liberal with its thoughts.

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The Liberacy Shop is the ultimate place to buy monthly Magazines, Newsletters and many more.

The Liberacy’s trusted content makes it one of the most reliable news brands in India and in the World. Offering lively writing, covering major issues of the world, and presenting everything in the simplest format with images, animations, and videos on all of its platforms. The Liberacy has been at the forefront for bringing journalism without fear at its best into the lives of every Indian and that of every Global Citizen.

Every monthly magazine issued by The Liberacy delivers an encouraged understanding of the world and its people.

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