Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill for Secure and Easy Birth Control

Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill or just ‘Pill’ is a method of Contraception to avoid pregnancy. A pill has synthetic female hormones, Progeston, and Oestrogen that behaves just the natural ones in the Ovaries.

These hormones in Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill prevent the release of eggs in women, thus stopping the process of Ovulation or preventing an egg to plant itself in the linings of the Womb, and so that no sperm reaches the egg.

This process is one the most efficient ones if done properly, as it requires the intake of pills at regular intervals without fail.

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Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill for Secure and Easy Birth Control
Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill for Secure and Easy Birth Control

Types of Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill:

Under a number of brands, there are basic three types of contraceptive pills, depending on the level of hormones in a pill and the difference in the intake period.

  1. Monophasic 21-day Pills: Each pill contains an equal amount of hormones, and hence it is not necessary to follow a particular order while taking the pills.
    One pill is taken for 21 days and No Pill is taken for the next 7 days.
  2. Phasic 21-day Pills: Each pill contains a different amount of hormones and is indicated by different colours for different sections. It is necessary to follow a particular order while taking the pills.
    One pill is taken for 21 days and No Pill is taken for the next 7 days.
  3. Every Day Pills: The pack contains two sections, coloured differently, a 21-pill section and a 7-pill section. 21 pills are active pills and 7 pills are inactive ones.
    21 pills are taken every day in the right order and then 7 pills are taken after that.
    It is suggested to take inactive pills during periods or when you bleed.

How to Use the Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill?

Usage of the Contraceptive Pills depends on the type of pill one decides to take,

How to take 21-day pills?

  1. The first pill of the packet is taken on the correct day of the week marked, or the first pill of the first colour.
  2. Each pill is taken for 21 days depending on the right order for Phasic pills, and any pill for monophasic pills.
  3. After 21 days, no pills are taken and the body will bleed in these 7 days.
  4. On the 8th day, the second pack is started and it will match the same day of the same week of the first pack previously taken.

How to take Every Day (ED) pills?

  1. With the start mark, the active 21 pills are taken regularly in the correct order.
  2. Then, next 7 days, take the inactive pills, these 7 pills are coloured differently.
  3. You will bleed in these 7 days, and on the 8th day, start your next pack, whether you are still bleeding or not.

How Protection Works after taking the Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill?

If you start taking the pills before the fifth day after your periods, will be protected against pregnancy immediately, and you do not need to wait for at least a 7-day period to start the protection to work.

But if you start taking the pill after the fifth day, you will not be protected from getting pregnant immediately, and you at least need to take 7 pills for 7 active days.
After which you will be completely protected from getting pregnant.

You have to go through the 7 days of continuous pill intake for complete protection if you start taking pills on any other day after the fifth day when your periods end.

Protection after having a Baby.

After having a baby, it is suggested to start pills after 21 days (if not Breastfeeding) or after 6 months (if Breastfeeding) depending on the conditions.

If a breastfeeding woman takes the Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill, it may reduce the flow of milk, and hence it is suggested to avoid taking pills for at least 6 months after having a baby.

Protection after Miscarriage or Abortion.

Taking pills before the fifth day after a miscarriage or abortion gives protection against pregnancy immediately, and after the fifth day, it is suggested to take at least 7 active pills for complete protection.
After this, one can have normal sexual intercourse.

What happens when you miss taking a Contraceptive Pill?

Forgetting to take a pill within 24 hours since the time you should have taken it, might get you a high chance of getting pregnant, which completely depends on when the pills were missed or how many days of pill intake were missed.

Missing one pill might not cause a problem and give complete protection as usual, but missing or starting late by 2 or more pills might cause a bigger problem as your ovaries might still release the egg in a natural way.

Hence, it is suggested that if you miss one pill, continue to take the rest of the pill in the usual manner, and consider a 7-day pill intake period for complete protection.

For more than one pill missed, it is suggested to take the last pill now (even if you are taking two pills in a day), start taking the pill as usual and have extra protection during sexual intercourse for the next 7 days when 7 pills are taken normally.

When you should NOT take a Contraceptive Pill?

  • A pregnant woman or someone planning to get pregnant.
  • Someone who is on Breastfeeding after pregnancy.
  • Over 35 with smoking habits.
  • Under medical conditions of TB or HIV.
  • Heart diseases because pills cause High Blood pressure.
  • Breast Cancer.
  • Liver complications.
  • Diabetes.
  • Thrombosis.
  • Migraine as a pill might cause severe Headaches.


  1. Makes bleeding regular, and less painful.
  2. Reduces risk of Cancer in Ovaries.
  3. Allows to have normal regular intercourse without interruption.


  1. Side effects such as Nausea and mood swings.
  2. High Blood pressure.
  3. No protection against STDs or STIs.
  4. Can cause blood clots.

How to Buy the Contraceptive Pills?

Contraceptive pills can be bought regularly from the pharmacy, as long as you understand the procedure to use them. If required, seek consultation from a doctor or a nurse.
Many government programs give pills for free, and proper guidance can help you decide which types of pills you need to use.

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