Hemant Sahu
Hemant Sahu

Hemant Sahu is a Writer, Engineer and the Founder of “The Liberacy”

The Liberacy is an Online News platform, established on 21st April 2019. The aim of establishing The Liberacy was to spread the News that matters the most and that would affect the lives of the common people.
I believe in a Democracy that is Liberal with its thoughts.

Listen to everyone and Tell everyone.

The moto of The Liberacy is “The Liberal Democracy” that truly stands by it, through its work towards being the voice of the voiceless.

Various programs started by The Liberacy holds on to its moto.
Local Reporter, a platform intitiated by The Liberacy is the most important platform to help our people.
Common people have direct access to Local Reporter and can report any of their local problems, and we will give a voice to it.

The Liberacy often gives out Internship Programs for young hardworking minds, to give them an exposure to journalism and teaches them, ‘How a particular News matters to the common population’

Together we can build a Society that will uplift our Democracy even higher.

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