Mamta Banerjee’s gift to PM Modi that he won’t like.

April 28, 2019, The Liberacy:- Loksabha election 2019 is at its full wave and the relations are also kept on the wave to feel the vibe.
West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee in her rally at Asansol, said that she will send PM Modi rosogullas, but those rosogullas will be made of mud with some stone chips thrown in, like cashew and raisins, which will break his teeth in one bite.
“That’s the kind of Mithai I will send to him.” didi said referring to the mud rosogullas.

Mamta Banerjee.
Mamta Banerjee.

It all started at PM Modi’s interview to Akshay Kumar, where PM said that didi still sends her sweets and one or two kurtas a year as a gift.

Mamta Banerjee was in Asansol rally when she gave the statement, the same place where PM Modi mocked her on Tuesday saying, “Prime Minister’s chair is not for Auction.”

The anger for PM Modi’s statement rose as Didi took the podium at the same place. PM has shown his respect for Mamta Banerjee at several occasions, including the latest one in Varanasi on Friday, when he gave an interview to a private News channel, referring her as ‘Strong Female Chief Minister.’

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