Hong Kong Protest Taken to Airport

Hong Kong, September 4, 2019, The Liberacy:- Hong Kong facing and struggling it long run protest, demanding the greatest democracy for the Chinese ruled city. The thousands of protesters on roads headed to the airport of Tung Chung town after a clash of protesters and police on Sunday.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong

The act of blocking the roads to the airport was to draw the worlds attention to the issue, as most of the foreign passengers to the city came through the road they blocked. They blocked the roads with barricades and overturned the trolley at the airport.

The passengers were seen walking miles to their way at the airport, with their luggage being carried along with them. Most of the trains in the city were suspended and flights were delayed. The city stands in the turmoil at every stand due to the long-going protest.

MTR subway was closed by the protesters and the CCTV cameras were also thrashed.
Chek Laptok, the really old airport of British colonial era times was also blocked and police were seen running no-where to all directions, in hope of recovering from the situation as everything happened to be of no use.

The situation in Hong Kong stands still with no results to be on the floor. The world keeps a shut due to Chinese power.

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