Coronavirus dos and don’ts: Advice from Doctor

March 24, 2020, The Liberacy:- Coronavirus has been proved to be the most disastrous pandemic that the world has seen in over a hundred years, killing over thousands with millions of cases so far.
Some people compare is to the Spanish Flu of 1918, or some to the SARS of 2003 (SARS COV-1), the coronavirus is designated officially as COVID19 by WHO, but some call it as SARS COV-2, the successor of 2003 endemic of China, though the vaccinations of the former are useless to the later.
Under such conditions, where we have no medicines or vaccinations, what are the things that one must follow to stay away from the Coronavirus?

Here are 5 things that you must follow to overcome this Pandemic.

1. Stay Home.

While the pandemic is on the roll around the world, you MUST STAY INDOORS. This is a virus, you won’t get it unless you bring it.
So, stay home and do not spread it or catch it.

Coronavirus dos and don'ts  Advice from Doctor
Coronavirus dos and don’ts Advice from Doctor

The governments around the world have ordered ‘Work from home’ (#wfh). The Indian government has even announced that the holidays to employees should be paid and there shall be no termination of employees during this period.

2.Wash Hands.

Coronavirus cannot live in the outer environment, it needs your body to survive, and the only way you will bring this virus is by touch.
If you touch an infected place or thing and then touch your face, its gonna enter into your body. Hence, wash your hands.

3. Cover you Face.

The only way the virus can enter your body is through your nose and mouth, via your ‘unwashed hands’. Cover your face and do not touch your face.

If you want to touch your face then please kill the virus by washing your hands.

4. Eat Healthy.

Immunity. Ever thought about it?
It’s a good thing to have. Really. Keep your diet healthy and filled with vitamins. Believe us, you gonna need that health if you are infected.
Avoid cigarettes, if you are a smoker, you gonna need your Lungs really bad.

5. Exercise.

Exercising (Indoors) is never bad, keep your body moving and not accumulated in one place. Give a helping hand to your metabolism, you might need it to.
Its a pandemic, you never know when its gonna knock on your doors.
Be Prepared.
Indoor Exercise.

Other than the above five dos and don’ts, the governments have found that the children below the age of 5, and elder above the age of 65 are most vulnerable to the disease and have advised them to take extra precautions.

Help and spread awareness, but do remember to take care of yourself first.

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