COVID19: Countries begin easing lockdown

April 21, 2020, The Liberacy:- Covid19 and its spread made many regions of the world to go under lockdown. But a piece of good news came in when, Germany, Denmark, and some other countries begin easing the lockdown. The majority of countries set this as a successful measure of containing the spread of Covid19. The peak of the virus is over in these countries, as claimed.


Chancellor Angela Markel, on easing the lockdown urged the citizen and the residents of maintaining discipline in this long fight against the Covid19. She warned that Germany is not “out of the woods” even as they have decided to ease the lockdown restrictions.

COVID19: Germany begins easing lockdown
COVID19: Germany begins easing lockdown


Denmark is another country where the lockdown restrictions are set loose. Hair salons, dentists, etc are allowed to reopen amid the Coronavirus pandemic. But with full precautions.


To cope up with the Economy and the crisis that the Covid19 virus brought with it, Iran has opened up the Highways. The decision came out of the response to the building coronavirus shutdown from over months now.

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India has decided to give ease to the lockdown restrictions. Though it will only be applied to the districts of less number of cases or no cases. The major hotspot of red zone areas will remain in a complete lockdown with only essential services working.
In the areas with fewer restrictions, it will be mandatory to maintain Social Distancing.
On a two-wheeler, only one person can travel i.e No Pillion Riding.
Even in Cars, there should be a safe distance, or even suggested, only two people in a car, one driver and one on the backseat.

South Korea

South Korea has returned to work. Shopping malls and offices are reopened and the people can be seen on the roads. Entertainment centers are reopened, though in small amounts, including the golf-courses, parks, etc.
Life begins to come on track in South Korea

In other parts of the world where the Covid19 is still on its peak are taking intense measures to contain it, but with an Economic blow. Crude oil prices have gone to Negative. Western Canadian Select is now trading at $-0.59. This the first time that WCS has traded in Negatives.

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