5 steps to Improve SEO Rankings

July 15, 2020, The Liberacy:- SEO Rankings are the most crucial part of exploring the top existence of your business/website. But what are the best ways to improve the SEO Rankings of your website so that Google ranks it to the top?
Here are the 5 steps to improve your SEO Rankings.

1. Use specific “Keyword”

Keyword to an article is the most important part for better rankings on Google and other search engines.
Example:- If your article is a about the ‘Food items of a place’ then your keyword should be “Food Blogger” or simply “Food”, this lets the google know what your article is about. Otherwise, google and other search engines will crawl through your articles without having any idea of what it’s about.

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SEO Rankings
SEO Rankings

2. Know what is #Trending.

The best way to choose a keyword is to go by the trends. But how to know what is trending in real-time?
Use Google Trends. It is the most accurate platform for checking the trending keywords and news, it is reliable as it developed by Google for its users.
You will find articles that are trending with it.

Plus there is Twitter, that globally shows the trends to all its users automatically.

3. Use Original Content.

Whenever content is copied from some other websites and posted to your platform, GOOGLE KNOWS IT.
Google and other search engines have a very active tool to track down the plagiarised content on your website. It won’t remove your plagiarised article, but will never allow your content to show up on Google Search. You will lose organic traffic.

The writings on your website have to be original, but it is sometimes impossible to get original images. You can use free images that are available online for this purpose.

You can find free images on Pixabay.

4. Style you article and link other articles.

The readability of your articles is one of the most important factors that Google will look upto before showing up your content on the top of its search results.

Use the proper amount of passive voice and avoid making any grammatical mistakes.
You can use Grammarly to know if there are any grammatical mistakes in your article. You can correct them in realtime.
Use Google Translator if your content is in some regional language (Other than English).

5. Use of Social Media platforms.

Use social media platforms to the fullest. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

Facebook is the most renowned Gold Mine for website revenue. This the place where you can run ads of your own to reach out to the corners of the audience you want. The same ads can run on Instagram.
Use proper #hashtags on Twitter, and look for the trends on Twitter and act accordingly.

Use Tailwind Tribes and connect your Pinterest page to it (Pinterest should be connected to your website before this step), it is the most content eating platform.
Use Quora for increasing your presence as people come on Quora to simply read the original content.
Use Mailchimp for Email marketing, and always grow your email list.

These were the 5 Steps to Improve the SEO Rankings of your website.
Lets us know in the comment section if you have any other tools that work perfectly for increasing SEO Rankings.

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