Youtube Live Streaming is the New Entertainment Room

September 18, 2020, The Liberacy:- Youtube live streaming is the newest way of entertainment amid the lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic and closure of all entertainment sources.
Comedian Tanmay Bhat, Samay Raina, Nishant Tanwar, along with famous YouTuber Carryminati and Magician Suhani Shah and Karan Singh are some of the names topping the list of YouTubers collaborating and streaming almost every day.

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Youtube Live Streaming is the New Entertainment Room
Youtube Live Streaming is the New Entertainment Room

Tanmay Bhat is a well-known comedian, who was mostly in news for his AIB and the controversies that attracted him some time back. But now, Bhat is back with his YouTube channel with the same name where he mostly uploads Vlogs and his YouTube Live Streaming videos for his members and non-members.
Tanmay often collaborates with various comedians like Nishant Tanwar (Rider OP), Zakir Khan, Comistaan fame Samay Raina and others.
He is often seen with the big names of the gaming world like Carryminati, Scout, Mortal, and Gamerfleet, where he “tries” to catch the hands of the professionals. (This streaming took a downfall after the PUBG ban in India)
Tanmay Bhat did many charity streams for the Covid19 pandemic relief where he largely contributed to the PM Care fund.
“Honestly by Tanmay Bhat” is the second Youtube Live Streaming channel that he owns for the business finance and life-related talks with prominent people of the field.

Nishant Tanwar, (Rider Op in the Chat) a well-known face of the comic stage is now on Youtube Live Streaming. He mostly collaborates with Tanmay Bhat but, has his own YouTube channel where he live streams “Mahacool Baatein” with other comedians like Zakir Khan and Samay Raina.

Samay Raina is the Third name in the world of Youtube Live Streaming, as he is probably the fastest man to make such a mark on Youtube Live Streaming panel in such a short span of time.
He is a famous comedian from Kashmir (he jokes about it), he gained a big name after winning a tie season of Comicstaan.
Samay Raina is a package with different labels, he is a comedian, gamer, YouTuber, and Chess Player with about 1600 rating and a ranking of about 69k.
Four sides of the box with four labels. Would be interesting to see if he creates a Cube.

Magicians are not behind anyone else in this world of Youtube Live Streaming. Suhani Shah and Karan Singh Magic are the two names who have recently joined the YouTube community and are setting the bar higher with their showcase of talent.
Often leading to comedy streams when collaborating with other comedians like Samay Raina, these magicians are a gem.

Carryminati is probably the only YouTuber who was Streaming Live on YouTube even before it became a trend during Lockdown. He is probably the most talked-about YouTuber after his roast video on TikTok and evergreen for his Live gaming.
Even he collaborates often for his channel “CarryisLive” with other gamers like Gareeb, Scout, and Mortal.

In the world where the film shooting is on hold due to the pandemic, these YouTubers became entertainers with their computers running and cameras filming.
The pandemic has shown everyone a thousand ways of carrying on to their work and this idea of YouTube Live Streaming is one such example.

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