Trident Ltd Stock Analysis: Buy or Sell?

November 20, 2021, The Liberacy:- Trident Ltd Stock Analysis and share price, market volatility must be considered before you decide on a Buy or a Sell order.

Trident Limited, the flagship company of the Trident Group, is a leading manufacturer of Yarn, Bath Linen, Bed Linen, and Wheat Straw-based Paper, Chemicals, and Captive Power. Currently, the company has manufacturing facilities in Barnala (Punjab) and Budhni (Madhya Pradesh).

First, we would like to tell you that Trident is a Big Buy right now.
Based on the analysis below.

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Fundamentals Analysis:

From March 2020 to March 2021, the Total Equity capital of Trident has remained the same at ₹509.60 crores. The total reserve and surplus have seen a sharp rise from ₹2457.30 crores to ₹2806.95.
The debt of the company has come down three times with long-term borrowings reducing, but the short time borrowings show a high figure, but with the company’s plans to expand the business with new plants and processes, these borrowings will generate more capital than expected in the coming years.

Assets of the Company have increased in value slightly from ₹5718.35 crores to ₹574.16 crores.
The net sales of Trident were at ₹1691.59 crore, which is a rise of 44.09% Y-o-Y.

The company gave a dividend of ₹0.36 per share, which is 36% in value, in October 2021.

Trident Ltd Stock Analysis
Trident Ltd Stock Analysis

Financial Ratios:-

Current volume of Trident is 67,618,717,
PE Ratio is 36.45 whereas, its sector PE is 34.47.
PB ratio is 6.92.
TTM EPS is at 1.24.

The ratios define the sector as bullish for the next 2 years and Trident Limited speeding up with the sector gives it a bullish move.

Technical Analysis:-

1. Moving Average.

Companys’ 25-day Moving Average is at ₹25.59, whereas, its 50-day Moving Average is at ₹19.72 and its 100-day Moving Average is at ₹13.04, making the perfect descending pattern with an increasing number of days and showing a bullish move for the coming 200 days.

2. MACD.

MACD of Trident has crossed the signal with 2 points. The Signal is at 5, whereas, the MACD has made a peak with 7 on the yearly chart with 12 Fast MA Period and 26 Slow MA Period on 9 Signal Period.

3. RSI.

RSI of Trident Limited is above the overbought level of 80 in the yearly chart, currently at 85 for a period of 14.

The Conclusion from Trident Ltd Stock Analysis is that the stock is bullish for the long term and should be held with a Stop-loss of ₹36.10.

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