Navy SEAL dead in a training accident at Virginia

Norfolk, Virginia:- Navy SEAL dead in a training accident at Virginia, in a hospital of Norfolk. SEAL of a service number assigned to Team 8 died following an incident during the training session.

Details of the service member have not been disclosed, citing that the kins of the deceased will be notified first and more information will be given on Wednesday.

Lt. Cmdr. Kara Handley confirmed the news and has said, “Naval Special Warfare is committed to supporting the service member’s family and our sailors who lost a teammate during this difficult time,”

Details of the death are under investigation, as the information on SEAL Team 8 is that the team is focused on the Caribbean, African, and Mediterranean regions.

Navy SEAL dead
Navy SEAL dead

Training accidents have now worried the authorities as this is the seventeenth death incident since 2001.
Navy SEALS dead incidents are known for their pushing the limits sessions for training and has always been under the watch for improvement.

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