Low Calorie Food Items for Weight Loss and Healthy Life

Low Calorie Food Items are also delicious and Healthy for a proper weight loss program, as we all want to lose weight and fit into the old jeans but are tightly denied either by our schedule or by our eating habits.

All we need is a little exercise and replace our junk food with these Low Calorie Food Items.

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Low Calorie Food Items for Weight Loss and Healthy Life
Low Calorie Food Items for Weight Loss and Healthy Life

1. Almonds.

Almonds are very rich in nutrients and 8 to 9 almonds are expected to contain about 85 calories, but these will give you a feeling of being full and is likely to reduce your other munching habit, which may have higher calories.

Nuts are actually associated with weight loss and are helpful in preventing diabetes.

2. Sunflower Seeds.

Seeds, like nuts, are dense in calories but highly healthy because of their richness in Vitamins, Fiber, Healthy Fats, and Nutrients. It can be consumed by mixing it with other salad food items or even with nuts.

Usually prefer a mixed bowl of Seeds and Nuts.

3. Grapes.

Grapes have high water content with plenty of nutrients and fibers. It will make you feel full for hours because of its sugar and sweet nature.
It is advised to consume a bowl of grapefruit three times a day before big meals for at least 15 weeks to experience a weight loss with minimum exercise.

4. Yogurt.

Yogurt is naturally high in protein content and low in fat. It can be consumed directly, not more than a small bowl of 100 grams, or it can be consumed by mixing with other salads and fruits and can be replaced with the main meal.

5. Soup.

Water is a good low-calorie consumed item, and soup contains plenty of it.

A bowl of soup can be taken with other vegetables and increase the richness, especially tomatoes because tomatoes have a high fiber content along with water content.

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