East Antarctic Ice Shelf collapses for the first time in Human History

East Antarctic Ice Shelf, named “The Glenzer Conger” of the Size of New York City (460 sq mil) collapsed due to Climate Change and Global Warming, as captured by satellite images. The Ice Shelf was present there for thousands of years.
This is the first time in Human History that an Ice Shelf in the Eastern part of Antarctica has collapsed.

The process of meltdown in the eastern part of the continent started last year with weirdly high temperatures in some parts of Eastern Antarctica. Some parts of the region even scored a temperature 70 degrees higher than normal.

East Antarctic Ice Shelf collapses for the first time in Human History
East Antarctic Ice Shelf collapses for the first time in Human History

Scientists from decades assumed a much more stable eastern part of Antarctica from climate change and global warming, but the collapse of the glenzer conger ice shelf has created doubts among them that they might have overestimated the stability of the eastern region.

Peter Neff, an Ice Scientist at the University of Minnesota said, “The Glenzer Conger ice shelf presumably had been there for thousands of years and it’s not ever going to be there again,”

The scientists are woried that if their old assumptions are wrong regarding the melting of frozen water in Antarctica, it might raise the sea level to about 160 feet, way above the previously assumed data.

East Antarctic Ice Shelf collapse mean a lot to the Human race, as it would created a severe challenges to climates, hittling first to the island nations

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