5 Unexplored Places in India that are Stunning and Beautiful

India, the land of marvelous civilization and surprises is not a hidden gem for tourists looking at India as a vacation destination and exploring the unexplored places in India through the eyes of a traveler.

But, how much do we know about the rarest gems for travelers in India and the potential to explore the unexplored places in India?

Here are the 5 best places in India that are yet to be explored by the world.

5 Unexplored Places in India that are Stunning and Beautiful
5 Unexplored Places in India that are Stunning and Beautiful

1. Gurez Valley (Jammu and Kashmir)

Gurez Valley (Jammu and Kashmir)
Gurez Valley (Jammu and Kashmir)

Gurez Valley is located in the northern part of Kashmir and in the south Gilgit regions of India. It is filled with scenic beauty and is surrounded by snow-capped mountains in the womb of the Himalayas.
Kishanganga River flows through the Gurez Valley with the road to Gilgit.
Gurez Valley is famous for the spotting of Snow Leopard and Brown Bear.

2. Nighoj (Maharashtra)

Nighoj (Maharashtra)
Nighoj (Maharashtra)

Nighoj is a small village in the Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra, just about 90 km away from Pune City. Nighoj is blessed with scenic beauty with its naturally created Georges and potholes, thought to have come into existence due to heavy rainfall in the region in the past and the flowing of the Kukadi river from the highlands, scouring the bedrock to form potholes and George.

3. Chembra Peak (Kerala)

Chembra Peak (Kerala)
Chembra Peak (Kerala)

Chembra Peak is in the Wayanad District of Kerala along the Western Ghats adjoining Nilgiri Hills, about 8 km south of Kalpetta near the town of Meppady. Chembra Peak is the highest peak in Wayanad with a height of about 2100 meters.
It is filled with scenic beauty ideal for trekking and is mostly untouched by tourists and has the potential of attracting many.

4. Darbhanga (Bihar)

Darbhanga (Bihar)
Darbhanga (Bihar)

Darbhanga is a city and district in Bihar in the Mithila region, that is said to be the birthplace of Sita. Darbhanga is filled with natural and historic beauties, like Kusheshwar Asthan Bird Sanctuary with at least 15 endangered bird species visiting every winter.
Another place for tourism is Darbhanga Fort, a monumental marvelous used as a residence of the Darbhanga Royal Family.

5. Jawai Leopard Camp (Rajasthan)

Jawai Leopard Camp (Rajasthan)
Jawai Leopard Camp (Rajasthan)

Jawai Leopard Camp is the newest Leopard spotting destination in Rajasthan. It is filled with scenic beauties and many species of animals including Leopards, Flamingos, Geese, Cranes, and many migrating birds.
Sloth Bears and Indian Wolves are often spotted here, and residence here is quite amazing with luxurious tents that depict Rajasthani culture.

These were only some of the best tourist places that are unexplored and hidden gems for Indian tourism and have the potential to attract many tourists. Do comment below your suggestions for many such places or email us at mail@theliberacy.com

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