Shortest Path to Human Happiness can now be Identified by AI

Harvard Medical School has recently collaborated with Deep Longevity to develop deep learning about Shortest Path to Human Happiness using machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. It takes an approach to improve Mental Health.

Harvard School and Deep Longevity have released two human models created digitally and built on the data from the Midlife in the United States study.

Shortest Path to Human Happiness can now be Identified by AI
Shortest Path to Human Happiness can now be Identified by AI

The First Model works on the principle of encoding the psychological trajectories of a human with age and analyzes the human approach on how it reacted to various aspects like, making relationships and adapting to environmental change.
It Resulted that there is a deciling urge to keep progressing in humans, and the necessity to find a purpose in life disappears after the age of 45 years.

The Second Model was more of a foundation for the whole mental study, which created a map in an organized manner, by splitting the model and information into basic blocks and clusters and labeling it with what information it contains. The blocks can be negative and positive in the human sense, like depression, anxiety, etc.
The Result can suggest the shortest path to human happiness by suggesting manners to overcome these blocks.

Deep Longevity has released a web service called FuturSelf, which allows the users to take tests of their psychological ability, and at the end of the test, the user receives a report pf assessment, which highlights the key areas that need improvement for healthy mental health.

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