Will China Invade Taiwan?

China, citing its “One China Policy” claims the island nation of Taiwan as its own territory, but will China Invade Taiwan to bring justice to its policy and every existing wish to occupy Taiwan?
If China invades Taiwan, will it be to claim the island nation or China is looking at a potential threat to its communist regime from Taiwan?

China is currently under the Communist regime of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) which established the People’s Republic of China (PRC) on 1st October 1949, and with this establishment, the Democratic structure of China collapsed with the fall of the Republic of China (ROC) which then moved to Taiwan, and still uses the same flag and a rule of Democracy in Taiwan.

Will China Invade Taiwan?
Will China Invade Taiwan?

Will China invade Taiwan?
The answer to this question can be analyzed by keeping in-mind two reasons for China to invade Taiwan,

First is China’s “One China Policy” which says that there is only one sovereign state under the name China, with the PRC serving as the sole legitimate government of that China, and the current land of Taiwan is a part of this China and that includes Taiwan in China. This will benefit China by extending its land territory and having a monopoly over the South China Sea (SCS), which is one of the world’s busiest trade routes. The world’s worry is for this reason and many nations like USA, India, UK, and Australia oppose any such monopoly by China in the South China Sea and promote “Free Indo-Pacific”, the major motive of the groups like QUAD and AUKUS.
If China has full control over the South China Sea, it will block ships of crucial supplies to its “Non-friendly” nations and might try to extend further into the Philippines in the south and Japan in the North.

Second is China’s fear and a potential threat to its communist regime from Taiwan, which it fears can attempt to re-establish the Republic of China (ROC) and a rule of Democracy in China.
This event has a historical value to the present condition, that finds its roots in the Qing Empire (1636-1912) which started practicing democracy to an extremely small extent and paved a way for the birth of the Republic of China (1912-1949), which ultimately fell when Chinese Communist Party took over China with the help of the Soviet Union.
Communists took over China, not just by taking over the parts of China ruled by the Republic of China, but by also colonizing small nations like Cantonia, Tibet, East Turkistan, Manchuria, Goetsu, Hookkien, and Inner Mongolia.

There are many thoughts on “Will China invade Taiwan” for these two reasons, one being the matter of Pride and the other being the matter of Existence.
When it comes to Pride, China might wait back and try not to invade Taiwan because of the potential cost of fighting in the sea, and threats from superpowers like USA and India joining the war to support Taiwan, with QUAD and AUKUS for its promises for a “Free Indo-Pacific”
If it comes to Existence, which means that China is looking at Taiwan as a potential threat to the existence of its communist regime, China will waste no time in invading Taiwan, which will drag the superpowers into the war, and possibly massive destruction of the island nation Taiwan.

The reason for China’s interest is pretty unclear for Taiwan, but if the world decides not to support Taiwan, it will become a part of China, and trade routes will be affected by the loss of the South China Sea.

The world counts on India against China, as it is the only major power that shares a land boundary with China, and has its own issues with China on borders, and the world is dependent on India on opening a war on these borders if China invades Taiwan, and wants India to create pressure on two fronts.
For India, it will be an opportunity to regain the land of Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh from China, which has been annexed by China over several decades by illegal occupation and one war in 1962.

The war in Taiwan and South China Sea will be of Sea and Air, with Naval and AirForce involved, and if India decides to go ahead with regaining its land, the world’s two largest armies will collide on land.

The possibility of a “China invade Taiwan” headline is highly like to be seen, and China’s policy of expansion will result in several more wars in the future, as many colonies within China are thriving to gain Independence from China.

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