Cincinnati Mass Shooting injures 9, several bullets fired

Cincinnati:- 9 People were injured in the Cincinnati Mass Shooting as several bullets were fired in the Over-the-Rhine (OTR) neighborhood of 1300 block of the main street near Mr. Pitiful’s bar early in the morning.

Cincinnati Police hurried to the location and confirmed 9 injuries and were hurried to the hospital, where Assistant Chief John confirmed the number of injuries and said that none of the 9 injured is in critical condition.

Cincinnati Mass Shooting injures 9, several bullets fired
Cincinnati Mass Shooting injures 9, several bullets fired

Sus[pect who opened the fire is yet unknown and no arrest or custody of anyone has been taken, though shell casing of the bullets was collected.
The police also confirmed that one round of the bullet was fired by the police, but it is yet unknown if the bullet hit the suspect, who was running at the time.

“We know that a lot of people left the scene that may have seen something,” said police as they continued further investigation.

Police also confirmed that one more such shooting incident, like Cincinnati Mass Shooting has been reported in the Central Business District, but it is not yet clear if the two incidents were linked in any such manner as presumed in the initial investigation.

Police also requested the locals if they have any footage on their phones about the mass shooting incident, please provide it to the department, which could be of extreme help in identifying the suspect.

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