Delhi Air Quality risky down as “Big Fail” at Stage Two of GRAP

New Delhi:- Delhi Air Quality dropped on folds with the enactment of Stage 2 of the Pollution Control Action Plan also known as the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) at its Stage 2, titled a “Big Failure”.

Stage two in the move, it will be illegal to use Coal and Firewood in Restaurants and Hotels, where mass use of such air polluting substance are possible.

Delhi Air Quality risky down as "Big Fail" at Stage Two of GRAP
Delhi Air Quality risky down as “Big Fail” at Stage Two of GRAP

Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) is a set of points used as a measure to control air pollution, and in the Delhi-NCR region, it is in Stage Two. This further adds that the use of Diesel in generators, even for essential purposes is banned in the capital state.

GRAP is divided into four levels, depending on the Air Quality Index (AQI).
Stage one is “Poor” from AQI 201-300.
Stage two is “Very Poor” from AQI 301-400.
Stage three is “Severe” from AQI 401-450.
Stage four is “Severe Plus” from AQI above 450.

AQI levels moved up before the winter arrived and before Diwali on October 24, as in recent years, these events were said to be the peak of AQI’s deteriorating situation in the Delhi Air Quality.

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