Trapping Zone Ecosystem is the New Discovery to Support Life

Trapping Zone is the newest Ecosystem that can support life and has been discovered by scientists in the Indian Ocean, close to the Maldives. Scientists say this ecosystem is creating an “Oasis of Life” about 500 meters below the Indian Ocean surface.
The government of Maldives has hailed this discovery and reiterated its commitment towards saving the environment against climate change and the caused global warming.

The discovery was led by a project by the University of Oxford and Nekton, under Nekton Maldives Mission.

Trapping Zone Ecosystem is the New Discovery to Support Life
Trapping Zone Ecosystem is the New Discovery to Support Life

Researchers have found unusual behaviour in the newly found “Trapping Zone” ecosystem. Here, they found swarms of organisms known as “Micro-Nekton” which are food for predators like Sharks and others. The micro-nekton organisms are in a “Vertical Migration” process, where the organisms swim to the top of the ocean at the night and return back to the depth in the morning, and at this depth of 500 meters they get trapped in the landscape and hence it is called as the “Trapping Zone”.

Scientists have found a number of predator species of fish who are feeding themselves in this ecosystem, these include, Tuna, Sharks, Spiky Oreo, Alfonsino, Tiger Sharks, Gill Sharks, Sand Tiger Sharks, Dogfish, Silky Sharks, Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks, Gulper Sharks and Bramble Shark.

It took years for the mission to observe the behaviour of the ecosystem and the expedition, and after understanding the topography and the related behaviour the scientists called it unique and a distinct new ecosystem, as said a professor from the University of Oxford.

‘Surprising’, as commented by some fellow members of the Oxford, with the depth and its occurrence, with many more questions arising like, why only at 500 meters? or what more distant features can be found at depths beyond 500 meters?

There are many critical questions arising out of the Nekton Maldives Mission, which would enable everyone to understand the depths of the ocean deeper with every passing meter discovering something new.

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The zone was found on the slope of the continent in the Indian Ocean, near Maldives, and now scientists are keen on observing if there are similar behaviour patterns in the continental slopes around the world, and if so, how well are they conserved and what the steps needed to conserve them, as these zones support life and also feeds the other species for their survival.

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