Space Race of the World and One Last Chance to be a Winner

Space Race is about to begin on Earth, with Countries competing to explore and reach where humankind has never kept a foot. This race is thrilling, and exciting and never misses to keep one on the edge of curiosity.
Humans have reached the boundaries they never thought they will, it has seen the visuals only once imagined in a science fair, and has carried out impossible missions.

But, every achievement is a result of a race that these countries and organisations are running and everyone thrives to be a winner.

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Space Race of the World and One Last Chance to be a Winner
Space Race of the World and One Last Chance to be a Winner

Space Race is important, irrespective of how competitive its nature is or how much money is burned into it. It gives us a wider vision of the future or of our past. With the examples and happenings of other stars, we can predict what we are doomed to be.

If it was not for this competition in space, the human race would have been unknown on July 14, 2015, about Pluto’s heart and how Pluto hides its Heart from its Moon, Charon, or How Pluto spits its blood on Cheron.
New Horizon mission was the first to discover this beautiful poetic phenomenon of one of our fellow planets.

Like New Horizon, it was Hubble Telescope to discover the Great Red Spot on Jupiter which turned out to be an anticyclonic storm, and if it was not for such explorations humans would have been unknown of the presence of Water on the Moon discovered by Chandrayaan.
These space explorations have given a lot to humans and to the thoughts behind them, from Scientists to Writers, everyone found their own play to act.

Countries have been competing with each other to gain the first winner spot in the space race, from the USA to Russia and now to India. Every other space program has its own achievements and its own first spot in every other kind.

India was the first to discover water on Moon and was also the first to send Mars Orbiter Mission successfully in the first attempt with a budget less than many space movies.

Russia was the first to send humans to space and the USA was the first to conduct a moon landing. This was one of the most open and rough competitions in space, and none of them wanted to lose.

Space Race - Swipe File Copywriting

The private sector is not lagging behind, with Blue Origin and SpaceX leading the advancement of technology, the government establishments are now coordinating with them to carry on their mission. SpaceX developed reusable rockets which looked like scenes from a Hollywood or Bollywood movie, where after the launch, the rockets landed back. This was the result of space competition.

Space is vast but the resources on earth are limited, and it ultimately limits the capability of humans but this has not stopped them from finding new ways to explore imaginary routes and push the limits of human capabilities.
The race in space might be an exhausting business, but it is opening many more opportunities to refuel the exhaust.

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