UFO in China was seen flying over Rizhao, easily shot down in the Waters

Rizhao, China:- Latest sighting of UFO in China was recorded in the coastal city of Rizhao of China, as Chinese authorities prepared to shoot the UFO down in the waters off the coast near Rizhao province.

Chinese State media Global Times reported the sightings and the details revealed how authorities were preparing to shoot the UFO down.

UFO in China was seen flying over Rizhao, easily shot down in the Waters
UFO in China was seen flying over Rizhao, easily shot down in the Waters

Global Times posted on Twitter that said, “Local maritime authorities in East China’s Shandong Province announced on Sunday that they had spotted an unidentified flying object in waters near the coastal city of Rizhao in the province and were preparing to shoot it down, reminding fishermen to be safe via messages.”

When asked about a possible “Alien” term involved, the authorities from the China state-affiliated media cleared it by saying, “UFO strictly means Unidentified Flying Object, not ‘Alien Aircraft’, it just means no one knows what it is yet.”

Several sightings of such kinds, like UFO in China, were recorded in North America over Alaska and Canada, which were shot down and the debris was carried by loading it over a truck and covered in a black wrap, along with many other sightings in South America.

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