Shiv Sena Party Symbol and Name to belong to Eknath Shinde

Mumbai:- Shiv Sena Party Symbol ‘Bow and Arrow’ and the Name will now belong to Eknath Shinde, as ordered by the Election Commission of India, as a big blow to Uddhav Thackeray.

In a landmark decision, ECI has ordered that the split in Shiv Sena, which led to the fight between Uddhav Thackeray and Eknath Shinde side, over the use of party name and symbol, has now a decision, and now Shiv Sena is completely owned by CM Eknath Shinde.

Election Commission observed many factors and led to conclusions, such as the undemocratic nature of the party, the number of votes gained by the splitting sides, and the number of seats won in Assembly and General elections.

Shiv Sena Party Symbol and Name to belong to Eknath Shinde
Shiv Sena Party Symbol and Name to belong to Eknath Shinde

The Election Commission of India has commented on the very nature of Shiv Sena, which remains undemocratic in its internal affairs, after the 2018 amendment to the Party Constitution.

The 2018 amendment brought back the old Constitution of 1999, which was rejected by the Election Commission of India back then.

ECI on counting the vote share and seat share said that 76.5% vote share is in favour of Eknath Shinde-led Shiv Sena, as compared to 23.5% to Uddhav Thackeray in the last Maharashtra Assembly Election.

In the 2019 General Elections, out of the 40 seats contested, the Shinde faction gained 40% vote share and the Uddhav faction got 12% votes. The 13 MPs of Shiv Sena support the Shinde faction with a 73% vote share, as compared to 5 MPs supporting Uddhav Thackeray with 27% votes.

Taking the facts in hand and commenting on the undemocratic nature of Shiv Sena, ECI has awarded the Shiv Sena Party Symbol and Name to Eknath Shinde.

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