Amazon Layoffs continue as now it lays off 9000 workers

New Delhi:- Amazon Layoffs continue as the company, on Monday, announced that it will lay off more 9000 workers this week from AWS, Advertising and Twitch. Amazon has already fired more than 10,000 employees citing the mass layoffs due to the worldwide slowdown and disrupted supply chain.

CEO Andy Jassy announced the job cut decision after completing the planning process of the month.

Amazon Layoffs continue as now it lays off 9000 workers
Amazon Layoffs continue as now it lays off 9000 workers

About the amazon layoffs, he also added that the teams were not done with their internal analysis and this delayed the planning process and the assessment. The decision will be shared with the concerned individuals as soon as possible.

Tech giants are facing a crunch after the lifting of covid 19 restrictions then followed by the Russia-Ukraine war, which severely disrupted the supply chain of the world, and is in no sight of having a cease-fire or changes of sanction on Russia.

Meta earlier announced the layoff of 10,000 employees, which is in addition to the 11,000 fired earlier.

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