8 New Indie Music Artists to Watch out for this Year

Music is diverse and having new indie music artists coming every second makes this diversity more melodic and even more harmonic, as now, there are thousands of options to scroll through, just to find that one voice and one tone, to keep close.

It is rightly said that “The only truth is music” and with thousand screaming the truth, it gets dicey to spot the lie, and in this journey to scroll the soul to the alternatives of these indie music artists, we have listed out the Best Artists around the globe.

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New Indie Music Artists to Watch out for this Year
New Indie Music Artists to Watch out for this Year

1. Jensen McRae

Jensen McRae has shown the world what it means to paint the picture of what you sing, and her listeners know exactly why Jensen is among those rare artists who can lift the singing through her lyrical wisdom.

She has been vocal about what her thoughts are during the process of making a song and that she writes songs about mental illness, being brown, fearing adulthood, and falling in love with every boy who’s ever been nice to me.

If you have ever come across her, she might have already written about you in her journal, and that really tells about the creativity that she carries every day with her.

Jensen McRae
Jensen McRae

2. Chetan Kharat

Chetan Kharat is among those, who stand true to the diversity of music, as this singer can make the whole stadium rock with his high pitch and also connect through the masses with his multi-lingual singing capability.

Chetan is a Mumbai-based indie music artist who is fairly new to the music industry, but his songs have made the calm nerves smile.
His new song “Aee Pori” has made it through the Instagram reels scroll of people, and equally ruled the YouTube shorts.

Chetan believes in creating music that suits the story he wishes to tell, and the lyrics he chooses correctly stand for what he wished.

Chetan Kharat
Chetan Kharat

3. Reiley Peters

Reiley Peters is a Faroe Island-born Songwriter and Singer, who has truly raised the bar for indie artists across the globe. Reiley has a huge social media following and that’s mainly because of his presence on apps like TikTok, where he makes lip-synced videos, but this indie artist is surely more than just TikTok videos.

Reiley has his own official website where one can look to know about his past and upcoming songs. He has over half a million views on most of his YouTube videos alone.
Reiley’s music has a touch of pop, gospel, and jazz, which states enough to make the soul roll.

Reiley Peters
Reiley Peters

4. Shubham Kabra

Shubham Kabra is a Mumbai-based Songwriter, Singer and Musician who has created his own charming world that sways with his tunes. His songs are soothing and truly a bliss to the listeners.

Kabra has millions of streams and thousands of listeners on his Spotify albums and equally has enjoyed his YouTube channel. He never fails to keep his Instagram followers engaged with his music though.

Shubham Kabra possesses a voice that can lift millions from their seats and still somehow manages to sound effortless.

Shubham Kabra
Shubham Kabra

5. Arlo Parks

Arlo Parks is one of those who started from her four corners, somewhere in the United Kingdom, and now ruling the stage as if it is her four-corner room. Her songs are said to have sparked sleeping emotions in many and many have said that her songs are potent enough to revive dying relations. Arlo has addressed mental health through her songs and made music surrounding the topics of depression and anxiety.

Arlo has 2.9 million monthly listeners on Spotify and around 22 million views on her YouTube channel. She has a really dynamic Instagram handle, that showcases her work and personal life.

Arlo Parks
Arlo Parks

6. Shubham Adawale

Shubham Adawale is a Songwriter, Singer, Rapper, Storyteller, and whatnot. This Indian indie music artist is a perfect combination of hard work and talent. His music can make you dance and also keep your thoughts alive with the lyrics he writes. Many of his songs are inspired by the world’s happenings that matter to society, and one such song was “Bahishkaar” which revolved around the Indian moment of Boycott China.

Shubham has over 130K views on his YouTube channel and around 3K followers on Instagram. His Instagram is a complete world in itself, as he showcases his work in an interesting way.

7. Swaraj Thite

Swaraj Thite is the new name from the Indian independent artist circle and his singing capability is surely on point, along with his music and guitar tuning to the correct chord.

Swaraj has a YouTube Channel where he puts out his work and an Instagram account to showcase what this artist holds for the future.

Swaraj has till now uploaded covers of famous Bollywood Hindi songs, and his listeners exactly know why they like this artist.

Swaraj comes from the city of Pune and possibly holds the courage to create his own music town.

Swaraj Thite
Swaraj Thite

8. Lordkez

Lordkez is truly a lord for many music lovers due to the diverse spectra of talent that this artist can showcase, and it’s really tough, to sum up, the music of Lordkez in one single genre. If you have ever heard of something you love but cannot really describe, we bet it’s Lordkez’s song.

Lordkez has over 25K monthly listeners on Spotify and more than 400K views on YouTube.

Her Instagram account is truly a bliss to the community, as her posting style is different but on point along with the music that everyone loves.


Here are the 8 New Indie Music Artists who are destined to rule the music arena someday with their soulful songs, as every voice that touches the soul travels too far.

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