Putin meets Kim Jong Un and urges the Six Nations to Talk

Vladivostok, April 27, 2019, The Liberacy:- On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin meets Kim Jong Un for two long hours on an island situated in the eastern Russian city of Vladivostok.

Putin and Kim Jong Un
Putin and Kim Jong Un

It is the first time Putin meets Kim Jong Un. North Korea has been trying to interact and communicate with the global community after it announced its denuclearization and this meeting with the Russian President was no less than socializing.
Putin described his meeting with the Korean leader as “Quite open” and “Thoughtful”

Putin said that in his talks with Kim, he confirmed Kim’s willingness to give up on its nuclear program but he also demands a Strong Security Guarantee before North Korea’s denuclearization and such security would require agreement and support of different countries and mainly the six countries who were the mediators for North Korea’s denuclearization. The six countries were North Korea, South Korea, China, the US, Japan, and Russia.

Putin indicated that the whole issue would require a “Six Nation Talk” to solve with peace as North Korea seeks its security guarantee.

Kim has met US President Donald Trump twice before, but the last meeting ended up with no agreements and involved an exchange of some hard thoughts.

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