India forced to support US sanctions on Iran.

New Delhi, April 28, 2019, The Liberacy:– The United States has suspended its 2015 accord relating to Iran and has put up sanctions on the country yet again, withdrawing itself from the Iran Nuclear Deal.
Asking about the whole incident, the External Minister of India, Sushma Swaraj said, “India only believes in the sanctions put up by the United Nations, and not by a singular Country.”

Iran and US.
Iran and US.

But things took turn a year later when the US refused to extend an exemption given to India (Expiring on May 2nd) and some other countries and forced India to cut short its import from Iran, which is the third largest provider of oil to India.

India continued to trade with Iran during the previous sanctions and now as it is forced to cut the imports, India has been facing problems, killing the banking channels and Insurance cover of the tankers used for the oil transportation.

The US clearly mentioned ending the Iranian waiver, that as US stood by India during the Pulwama attack and has been continuously helping the nation to blacklist terrorist Masood Azhar in UN, the US expects India to stand by their side on the Iran issue.

During the UPA government period too, the same conflict rose as in 2005-2008, but during that period Indian government chose to give Nuclear deal with the US more priority than to support Iran during the sanctions.

What does India expect now?
Cutting short the import of Iranian oil in the world will result in demand for oil imports from the US. India currently imports 3% oil from the US and due to its support to the US in sanctions, India may demand some exemptions in its oil imports from the country.

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