A Hindu in Pakistan arrested for Blasphemy, Tension Mounts

May 31, 2019, The Liberacy:- Ramesh Kumar, a veterinary doctor and a Hindu in Pakistan was arrested on May 27, 2019, reportedly on the grounds of blasphemy.

Shops of Hindus burned after a Hindu in Pakistan was arrested under the charges of blasphemy.
Shops of Hindus burned after a Hindu in Pakistan was arrested under the charges of blasphemy.

Ramesh Kumar is a Doctor by profession in the Phuladyon town in Mirpurkhas District in Pakistan’s Sindh Province and was taken under police custody after the Head Cleric of local Mosque, Maulvi Ishaq Nohri filed a complaint in the local police station, accusing that the doctor tore the Quran pages and used it to wrap medicines.

  • Ramesh Kumar is a doctor from Pakistan’s Sindh Province.
  • He was accused of tearing pages of Quran.

A protest broke in the town as the news went viral and police immediately acted by taking the doctor into their custody to a safe location. Many shops of Hindus were burnt down as the tension took a heap. The protester burnt tyres on the roads of Phuladyon town.

The local police head, Zahid Hussain Leghari, said that they will probe an investigation as soon as the town calms and he assured that the doctor was in their custody to a safe place.

Hindu form the largest minority in Pakistan since 1947, and a majority of them resides in the Sindh province and in the parts of Karachi. According to Pakistan’s official data, there are 7.5 million Hindus in Pakistan. However, the Hindu community claims that there are over 9 million Hindus in Pakistan and the number is decreasing with the days counting.

The Hindu council in Pakistan has repeatedly complained in the past about the minorities being targeted under the law of blasphemy by the people of other community due to their personal instances. These accuse under blasphemy law resulted arresting of 1470 people from 1987 to 2017 (according to the stats collected by the department of social justice- Lahore).

Majority of Hindu population in Pakistan lives in Sindh province and such incidences mounts tension, resulting in communal violence.

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