Steerers at Unplugged Cafe

Indore, July 09, 2019, The Liberacy:- Unplugged Cafe in Indore was immensely applauded after the steerers group gathered for their event. Like always there were different artist showcasing their talents and writings. It was a part of the Sunday event that steerers perform at different locations and this time they chose Cafe Unplugged.

Shubhanshi at Unplugged Cafe.

The event started with a poem, written and recited by Alok Singh titled, “nasha aankho mai rehene do, baate lafzo mai rehne do” and it really gathered some emotions in the Unplugged, which was then continued by Khushboo Bhagwani, Ayushman Porwal, Shailendra Gupta, Richa Das, Ashwin Pawar, and Antim bala Arora, who presented their talents to tie the knot for the event.

Sanjay Bhand, Govind, Vijay Joshi, Arun, Kanhaiya Pawar, Saurabh Jaiswal, Shivam Upadhyay and Anand- Ankul were amongst the melodious players for the event. They showcased their talent for excellent singing on the stage.

Sunny Pyasi and Antriksha moved everyone with their rap to an inch above excitement. The event at the Unplugged cafe, gapped with light jokes on political stance to life with Jagat Thirwani.

The event ended with Bhagat Singh Mogre preparing a complete cake in just five minutes.
The event was organised by Aman Patidar, Dev Vashishtha with technical support from Shubham Lehri, Yash Verma and Shubh Vashishtha .

कहने को बहुत कुछ हैं दिल मे पर, उसके पास सुनने को वक़्त नहीं
लिखना बहुत कुछ हैं मुझे पर, पास मेरे मेरी कलम नहीं
यूँ तो चेहरे पर हर पल मुस्कान हैं, पर दिल में खुशी नहीं
कह तो दिया हैं सब पर समझ जाए कोई ये मुमकिन नही

Antim bala Arora

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