Fishery, Dairy Technology out of CET

Maharashtra, July 12, 2019, The Liberacy:- CET is the Common Entrance Test, it is a competative exam for the enrollment of students in the first year of many degree courses like Engineering, Management, and Others.

This year, the Maharashtra University of Fisheries and Health Science has decided to opt out of the CET pattern entrance test and has stated to conduct their own entrance exam for the admissions in B.Tech Dairy and B.Tech Fisheries for the year 2019-2020.

In a statement, the University stated that many of the colleges are under the government authority, that makes them government colleges and hence these colleges should have a University level entrance exam and NOT cet.

This University has fishery collages in Telangkhedi (Nagpur) and Udgir (Latur) which offers Bachelor of Fisheries Science (BFSC) while, dairy collages in Yavtmal and Udgir which offers Bachelor of Technology in Dairy Technology (B.Tech DT).

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