Google Listening to Your Bedroom Talk?

July 17, 2019, The Liberacy:- Google has developed itself as a tech giant since its establishment and has developed several products including Smartphones and its very own search engine. But can google listen to your private bedroom talks with its Hitech technologies?
The answer is Yes.

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VRT News, a Belgian broadcaster has claimed that the conversation of the end-users with Google speakers are being recorded and sent to third party sub-contractors. These third-party sub-contractors are said to be transcribing the audio files for improving voice recognition feature.

Reportedly, VRT News was able to listen to such 1000 recording with the help of a whistleblower, that was recorded by the company via Speakers, Smartphone and Assistant.
They said, “We could listen to the recordings were people are talking about porn or having an argument or some sensitive topics that no one wants others to listen. In one audio file, we even got to listen to a woman in some emergency situation.”

Google has said before in its statement that it records only 0.2% of the audio files coming to its database and that too for the improvement of voice recognition feature across all its devices and products.

After the leak in the information of the company, Google has launched an investigation against the contractor for violating its data policy and improving its services.

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