Steerers Open Stage at Pritamlal Dua Auditorium and Art gallery

Indore, July 30, 2019, The Liberacy:- Sunday Steerers Open Stage at an event organised by Kalp Asia at the Pritamlal Dua Auditorium and Art Gallery. The event was a part of a 5-day long journey of Kalp Asia at the Auditorium.
The event by The Steerers Open Stage was a massive success with Chintan Bakliwal as the chief guest, who took the event to another level of success.

Chintan Bakliwal
Chintan Bakliwal

The event started with the voice of Pranami Mandal, who sang a song to play with the strings of the audience. The event continued with many more singers who followed the footsteps of Mandal and grew bigger, the singers included, Vijay Joshi, Rohit Saad, Ankit Thakur, Sandeep Rekwal, Sanjay Bhand, Pranjal, and Pratiksha Mandal.

Following the singers, this time, Umesh Mahalkari sang a self-composed song which brought the audience on an edge of tear, as the song sang about Father & Mother.
Lokendra Sharma recited his poem on Lord Rama which broke the audience in big applause, appreciating the creativity he held on the stage.

Azhar Qureshi, Vikram Sharma, Yash Parashar, Nayan Kumar Rathi, Aljka Jain, Hrishita Tiwari, and Antim Arora recited their poems which held the audience gripped to the stage even stronger.

Harshit Sharma rolled the audience in laughter with the jokes he diced out on the stage.
Mimicry artist, Aditya Sikrvar, mimicked to the voice of everyday living and known sounds, that left the listeners to amazement.

The event ended with the much-awaited paint story by Dev Vashishtha and Akanksha Prasad. Where Dev narrated a beautiful story and at the same time, Akanksha Prasad portrayed the narration on her canvas and this left the audience in no choice but to give a standing ovation.

अंधेरे कोनो में बैठा रहता हूँ,
बड़ा सहमा सहमा रहता हूँ,
वो इश्क़ था कि अब नज़रबंद हूँ मैं,
फिर ना हो जाये डरा रहता हूँ।

 -अज़हर कुरैशी

ज़िन्दगी का सफर हैं मुझे पूरा करना।
हर डग में हैं कंकर फिर भी हैं चलना।
मंज़िल का नहीं हैं कुछ भी पता,
फिर भी मुझे हर पल हैं बढ़ना।

– अंतिम बाला अरोड़ा

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