The Story After Article 370 in Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir, August 10, 2019, The Liberacy:- Days and days after the Article 370 and 35A of the Indian Constitution was scrapped and Jammu & Kashmir was bifurcated into 2 new union-territories, scoping for the better future of Jammu & Kashmir, along with Ladakh. The imposition of section 144 of CrPc remains in the new union territory, along with the ban on the TV, Internet and calling facilities. Section 144 restricts the civilians to gather in a group at any location with more than 4 people.

This has caused a bit of trouble in the face of local people with Eid around the majority Muslim population of the region. Along with this, there are several people telling their stories of reaching out for their beloved people in the midst of the ban on calling, television and internet functions.

Nazir Ahmed, resident of Sopore, whose daughter studies in Chandigarh, has no contact with her from 4th of August because of the downed communication facilities. Ahmed stranded in the hope of contacting her beloved has reached out the BSNL office, but came dropped face. He even went to the police station and commissioner office but had no help because of down servers. At last, he handed over her daughters phone number to a stranger at Shrinagar airport who was traveling to Chandigarh.

Jammu and Kashmir
Jammu and Kashmir

Ali Mohammad, living in the Old Shrinagar, has a daughter in New Delhi and was cut off in contacting her. Ali then sent a letter by the hand of a friend who was traveling to the place, with a note to recharge their Dish TV connection, as they were unaware of the situation in their region and wanted to see the News.
A reply from his daughter came with another friend coming to Shrinagar in a letter, saying that she is completely fine and have made the recharge.

Mohammad Idrees, a Kashmiri living and earning in Delhi was worried about his father living in the Valley, and after losing all the hopes of contacting him, he went to a Newsagency in Delhi and asked to help him contact his father in the Valley with the help of their reporters. He was able to do so. Thanks to the News Channel.

The most disturbing news of such an incident came from Srinagar when Bilal Ahmad narrated his incident. Bilal Ahmed, a resident of Srinagar has a brother in Saudi Arabia who is a doctor. He was scheduled to land in Srinagar on Monday and hence Bilal waited for him at the Srinagar airport spending his whole day, Monday on the bench of Srinagar Airport. After the last flight landed without his brother, he went in worrying for him more without any source of communication. Then a News came to the family that a doctor has been killed in Saudi, and this broke the family, especially the mother who spent days crying for her son. The matter of time, when a relative contacted the Saudi doctor brother and reported his well being and said that he canceled all of his tickets amidst the crisis in the region.

The scrapping of Article 370 and suspension of communication has curbed any anti-national activity and has prevented the harmful elements to create violence in the cost of these problems to the local population.

The local population is in the hopes of getting rid of the situation soon, with the first Eid for them in the new UT.

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