Ganesha: The Lord of Beginnings

September 2, 2019, The Liberacy:- Every Hindu beginning starts with the name of Lord Ganesha, and so happened with the Steerers on Sunday.
This Sunday, steerers performed as of their weekly open-stage performance, at Open Chai Bar. Various performers from various art fields showcased their talents as the event went further to reach success.
The event started with Ganesh Vandana and performance lining the importance and story of Hartilika Teej.

Steerers Group at an event on Lord Ganesha.
Steerers Group at an event on Lord Ganesha.

Some of the most beautifully weaved poems were on stage at the event by Rucha Das, Mohit Yaduvanshi, Shubhashini Khare and Aishwarya. They gave the event a start that melted the heart of the audience with the emotions and life meanings it held in every word.
Pirulal Kumbhkar, filled the patriotism with every word that came to the audience. A true souvenir, some people said.

Then came the chance of the melodious voices of the Steerers group, OP Sharma, Shaan Bin, Jitendra Garsia and J Nain showed their talent and showcased the art they hold in them.
Ansh Bhavsar, Pramod Goswami and Abhishek Singh Tomar were amongst the most lovable category of every audience, they presented their jokes and paved a way to spread a smile, making them forget all of their worries.

Amogh Agrawal presented his work, explaining the importance of Hartilika Teej in the Hindu religion.

The event was organized by Lokendra Sharma, with technical support from Jitendra Patil and Shubh Vashishtha.

कई मुश्किलें हैं इस सफर में, सो हम लड़ते गए,
दुआओं से सजी राह मानकर,निरंतर ही चलते रहे।
समय व्यतीत होता रहा, सपनें भी बदलते गए,
कई गलतियों से सीख कर, नए कीर्तिमान रचते रहे।

-ऋचा दास

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