Chandrayaan-2: Lander Separates from Orbiter

September 3, 2019, The Liberacy:- Chandrayaan-2, the ₹978 crore, second lunar mission of India, carried out by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), reached the 5th and the last orbit of Moon on Sunday, 42 days after its launch on 22nd July 2019 from Sriharikota on Indian rocket named GSLV MKIII-M1 .

Indian Space Research Organisation
Indian Space Research Organisation

It was 5 days before the lander lands on the lunar surface, the lander (Vikram) separated itself from the orbiter, paving its way to the surface, carrying the Rover (Pragyan), that will come out of the lander as soon as it lands. It was after the orbiter entered in the 5th and the last lunar orbit on Sunday. The separation happened at 119 km perigee and 127 km apogee, and took place at 1:15 pm (IST), the event is very close to India, as Chandrayaarn-2 is the second mission to Moon and the successor of the extremely successful mission of Chandrayaan, that found the proof of water on the lunar surface in the form of ice. This mission aims at the further investigation of the two craters located in the unexplored lunar south pole.

The ISRO Chairman, K Sivan has before said about this event of Chandrayaan-2, stating that, this moment will be like a bride leaving his paternal home.
This clearly states the high thinkability and lower reach of the genius mind of Indian space programs.

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