Maharashtra: One Doctor attends 483 Patients in One Day

Dhadgaon (Nandurbar), Maharashtra, September 6, 2019, The Liberacy:- Doctor to the government hospital of Dhadgoan village of Nandurbar, a northern tribal district of Maharashtra, Dr. Santosh Parmar, on Monday made a record-breaking, unknowing work of attending 483 patients in one single day.

One Doctor attends 483 Patients in One Day
One Doctor attends 483 Patients in One Day

This was not at all ‘Intentional’, but was due to the lack of staff. The government hospital is meant to have 8 doctors in total, but the other 7 posts remain vacant. Dr. Parmar had 483 patients in total on Monday, this includes cases of snake bites, an epilepsy patient, a woman who went under abortion, he conducted autopsies of two bodies of the boys who died of snakebite and he even delivered two babies.

Dr. Santosh Parmar is an MD in Gynecology. He starts his at 8:30 in the morning every day and ends by the work done. The government hospital having 7 posts vacant, is a single government hospital for 150 villages in the area of 30km. The hospital demands, Gynaecologists, Pediatrics, and Anesthetists.

The hospital, on an average, delivers 160 babies in a month. It gets 300-400 patients every day and has 30 bed. Now, the patients coming for the cure has to wait on an average for 6 hours.

The government planned on bringing the private doctors, who demanded for ₹2-3 lakhs per months, and that stood unfruitful.

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