Major Comeback in Queue:- Chandrayaan-2

Banglore, September 7, 2019, The Liberacy:- Chandrayaan-2 on its mission to the unexplored South pole of the Moon, had its landing date scheduled at 1:55 am (IST) on 7th September 2019, but due to some technical difficulties, the lander (Vikram), which detached itself from the orbiter on 1st of September 2019, lost its communication to Earth.

Major Comeback in Queue:- Chandrayaan-2
Major Comeback in Queue:- Chandrayaan-2

The result of the act is seen with two sides, one, the lander (Vikram) has successfully soft-landed on the lunar surface, due to its autonomous programmed control and lost connection.
And second, that the lander (Vikram) along with Rover (Pragyan) has crash-landed on the lunar ground.

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi was present in the ISRO headquarter at midnight along with 70 young students from India and Bhutan, to witness India lodge her name in history.

The prime Minister entered along with the ISRO chairman K Sivan past 12 am and as soon as the lander lost the connection, the chairman informed PM about the failure.
Insight of dropped faces of the Indian scientists, who worked day and night on the project, PM Modi tried to boost up their morale with a short speech, personally to the scientists.
While addressing the nation from ISRO Headquarter, on the morning of 7th September 2019, PM said, “The time when poets and writers will narrate this incident, they will write, that the Vikram ran to hug the moon.”

The good news is, the failure calculated is just 15%, and the major success rate is still achieved as the Chandrayaan-2 Orbiter is still in the Moons orbit with 8 payloads. It will continue to work and give information for next 1 year.

Everyone gave their word of appreciation and major success for the hard work of ISRO, including President Ramnath Kovind, PM of Mauritius and PM of Bhutan.

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