Grace Beauty Parlour in Tihar Jail is Quite Successful

New Delhi, September 8, 2019, The Liberacy:- Tihar Jail is one of the most popular central jail, not because of its size, but because of the inmates and some unusual stuff. Jail no. 6, of Tihar, is one such prison.
Jail no. 6 of Tihar is for the women inmates and thus has a Beauty Parlour, named as “Grace Beauty Parlour” run by three Manipuri female inmates.

Tihar Jail
Tihar Jail

Timing for the beauty parlour is 9 am to 5 pm. The parlour is the busiest on Friday. This Friday the parlour had 22 clients till noon. The reason behind this is that Saturday is “Mulaquat” where the women inmates get to meet their family, friends, and children, and they want to look their best.

The Manipuri inmate who runs the parlour, is a 34-year-old woman who has been the inmate of the prison for the last 2 years in the case of drug peddling. The other two women who work, are also from Manipur accused of murder charges. All three of them are under trial by the court.

The Grace Beauty Parlour is an extension of the old beauty salons, that had been in the jail premises for years. The new extension now is more sophisticated and with new pieces of equipment.

The 30-year-old matron who takes the three women to the work and escorts back to cell says, “There are scissors and other kinds of stuff in the parlour and I m always careful of the thing. Bangles, Mehendi and bindi re the most in damnd among the inmates, so I pre-stock the items”

The rate card of Grace Beauty Parlour of Tihar Jail is,
Nail cutting- ₹5
Scrub- ₹30
Streaks- ₹200
VLCC Facial- ₹450

Grace Beauty Parlour is quite of a successful thing in jail no. 6, and wonders if the other jails too need it with “Male” inmates, including the very next jail no. 7, where the former Finance Minister is kept until the final verdict.

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