France Declares One Month Lockdown, India Extends.

April 14, 2020, The Liberacy:- France has till now reported 136,779 total cases of Corona Virus, with 94,094 active cases and reporting 14,967 deaths. lIl-de-France reporting around 12,108 cases. On account of this, the French President Emmanuel Macron, on Monday in his third televised address, extended the lockdown in the country till the 11th of May 2020.

Emmanuel Macron- President of France
Emmanuel Macron- President of France

Macron said the extension will be called off only if the epidemic slows down and has totally assured the nation that after 11th if the conditions allow, the Daycare centers and School might reopen.
He even went on suggesting that, the elderly and people with the odd diseases should still continue to take extra care.

“The Epidemic is not yet under control.” he said, “Hope is Reborn,” he added.

The business, such as, Restaurants, Hotels, Theater & Museum will remain close even if lock-down is left loose after 11th May.
While addressing he also said, “Were we ready for ready for the Crisis? Evidently Not Enough”


In India, on the morning of 14th April 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, extended the 21-day lockdown till the 3rd of May, an extension of 19 days. Adding to a total of 40 days into lockdown.
India has reported more than 10,000 cases so far, and with the vast population and high density, lockdown became a necessity for India and hence might be considered a good step.
According to a report in this period of lockdown, India might loose around 26 lakh crore rupees.

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