Donald Trump threatens India of “Retaliation”

April 7, 2020, The Liberacy:- Donald Trump on Monday, while addressing the press on Corona-virus status of the USA, spoke something that might be one of a kind or new to New Delhi.
Donald Trump said, that they have demanded anti-malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, from India, to the export of which India has put a ban, seeing the pandemic and size of the country with 1.5 billion people.
He further added that the orders to India should be considered by them, and if not fulfilled, it will be OK, but there will be an obvious retaliation.

Donald Trump speaking on the Corona-virus status.
Donald Trump speaking on the Corona-virus status.

Now India has said they will be supplying the drug to affected countries and the matter should not be stretched.
India has further, looking at the choice of words by Donald Trump, has said that it will work according to the demands they need but the ban over the drug has been taken down.

India is among the very lesser countries who are constantly providing relief packages to the affected regions of the world, let that be Europe.

India herself faces a big challenge of the population (1.5 billion) and hasn’t seen the worst of this pandemic yet. Addressing the demands by the US, India said that they wanted themselves prepared if the things go out of hand, siting the population density, which can contain Corona-virus to an extreme level, but also want other countries to do good.

Looking at the choice of words by the US President, experts have said that this single word “Retaliation” might not be good for the Indo-US friendship in the post-pandemic era.

In the last week of February 2020, Trump visited India and received the grandest reception ever in India of any foreign leader.

India’s foreign policy might make a shift after this, but only the hard times tell about the relations we make and the policies that succeeded.

Donald Trump addressing press.

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