8 Best Books by Indian Writers

March 28, 2020, The Liberacy:- Indian Writers are among the most cherished authors of some of the most celebrated books around the world.
From classical non-fiction to the adventurous fiction and poetry, Indian writers and authors have proved their work.

Here are the 8 Books by Indian Writers that you must read.

1. Train to Pakistan.

Train to Pakistan.
Train to Pakistan.

Written by Kushwant Singh, and published in 1956. This classic Indian book takes you on a ride of History. The History of the partition of India into India and Pakistan.
Train to Pakistan depicts more of the local aspect in this book, rather than the political coverage that led to the partition.
In 1947, when the partition India was done, there were trains carrying Muslims from India to Pakistan, and Hindus from Pakistan to India.
These trains were often attacked by the other religion, resulting in a massive blood massacre.

Kushwant Singh, truly defines the scenario in this book, Train to Pakistan.

2. A Suitable Boy.

A Suitable Boy.
A Suitable Boy.

Published in 1993, and written by Vikram Seth. A Suitable Boy is a 1488 pages long book. This thick book is set in the post-Independence era of India.
This book revolves around the story of four families with the center on Mrs. Rupa Mehra and her struggle to find “A Suitable Boy” for her younger daughter ‘Lata’, who is a 19-year-old university student.
The story begins in a fictional town of Brahmpur, truly shows the true colors and values of Indian Society.

A Suitable Girl, sequel to this masterpiece, was due to be published in 2017. As of in 2020, it has not been published.

3. Kabira- Not Until I Die.

Kabira- Not Until I Die.
Kabira- Not Until I Die.

Kabira- Not Until I Die, by Arvind Parashar, was published in 2015. It is a 360 pages book.
It is a story of an Indian Journalism student in Russia. He, under the influence of one of his Russian professor, decides to undertake a covert operation in Afghanistan, where he meets the love of his life. Little did he know, how things take turn and not for good, the betrayal and the suspense will take you on a nice ride through this book.

The adventure fiction is set in various countries, and it truly justifies the intensity of war zone and the beauty of love together.

4. Everyone has a Story.

Everyone has a Story.
Everyone has a Story.

Written by Savi Sharma, and published in 2015. Everyone has story is an inspirational Romance Novel.
The story revolves around four people, Meera Vivaan, Nisha and Kabir.
The story depicts Meera, who is in search of a story and comes across a banker, with his own desires, named Vivaan. Then Kabir, who is the coffee shop manager, who always inspires Meera to write. Nisha is the girl with whom Vivaan falls in love.

The ups and downs. The story and plot. everything grips to the book, and tells us, that Everyone has a Story.

5. Forsaking Paradise- stories from Ladakh.

Forsaking Paradise- stories from Ladakh.
Forsaking Paradise- stories from Ladakh.

Written by Abdul Ghani Sheikh, and translated in English by Ravina Aggrawal. This book was published in 2001.
Forsaking Paradise is a collection of stories from Ladakh. The Himalayan and Karakoram ranges have been nicely depicted in the book. This book doesnot orignates in the larger context of Ladakh, but focuses on the small but the most important elements. It has in total, 12 stories depicting various aspects of Ladakhi society.

This book is something that will stay with you for a long time. The stories are short but with the most imapct.

6. Forlorn.


Written by Hemant Sahu, and published in 2019. Forlorn is a collection of short stories and poems set on different aspects of life.
The first story depicts the story of a Stock Broker, and how a wedding reunites him with his long lost love. Where as, another story talks about the love story of an Indian Airforce pilot and about his love when he is gone.

Moreover, the plot of every story displays a different side of emotions.

There is only ebook version of this book available, and be downloaded from here

7. The God of Small Things

The God of Small Things.
The God of Small Things.

This is the debut novel by Arundhati Roy, published in 1997. It won the Booker Prize in 1997.
The book shows the story of the childhood of two fraternal twins and the complication they grabbed of the love laws.

Overall the book perfectly shows how smallest of the things can destroy someone.

This book is considered as one of the classics by an Indian writer.

8. If it’s not Forever, it’s not Love.

If it's not Forever, it's not Love.
If it’s not Forever, it’s not Love.

Written by one of the most celebrated writer of India. Durjoy Datta has written this book with Nikita Singh.
This book was published in 2012.

The book starts with a bomb blast, where the lead, Deb, survives but finds a diary when he revisits the blast site. Avantika, his love, accompanies him with Shrey and Tina on a journey to reveal a secret.

The book travels through many Indian states and finds a grip with the suspense, that is maintained till the end.

So how many of these books have you read?
Comment below your views on these 8 books by Indian Writers.

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