Hydroxychloroquine might NOT be the Solution

April 23, 2020, The Liberacy:- Hydroxychloroquine, the Malaria drug, which was much in demand by many of the Nations, amid the Covid19 pandemic outbreak. US President Donald Trump seemed to like the most needful of it. He even went on to threaten India, if the Drug was not provided. India provided the US with the Drug.
Israel, Brazil, Pakistan, etc were others among the list to demand the hydroxychloroquine drug.
Hydroxychloroquine is well suitable for the cure of protozoan disease Malaria. But the studies of it on CoronaVirus (COVID19) tells us that it is not that effective, as it claimed to be.

Quinine is derived from the bark of a Peruvian tree named “Chinchona”


Scientists and researches in Iran conducted six major studies on the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine. Compared to the Standard care provided by the health care centers, such as monitoring fluids, oxygen, and other basic care.
These also included some small studies by France and China.
The results came, and it provided confirmed evidence. that the Malaria Drug, hydroxychloroquine, is not a magical potion for the Corona Virus.

Statistically, there was no difference between the two types of treatment. Even the hydroxychloroquine drug went on to gather some side effects, such as headaches and rashes.

The only advantage of hydroxychloroquine was that the scientists were able to detect the Virus’s genetics. It was clearly noticeable under study, compared to the patients under Standard Care.

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Newsletter- The Liberacy

The Liberacy Newsletter. Read now for FREE on Kindle and at $0.99 only on Amazon.

Another research conducted in South Carolina and Virginia, where more than 300 male COVID19 patients were examined, also gave the same output. “No extra benefit of taking hydroxychloroquine”
It was also noted that taking hydroxychloroquine might reduce the admission time of patients by 1-2 days. But, the side effects are far worse than reducing a couple of day’s duration.

Hydroxychloroquine is basically known to work on people with autoimmune diseases. It greatly affects the rhythms of the Heart and may lead to severe Heart Attacks.

Hydroxychloroquine was also ineffective when combined with Azithromycin.
Azithromycin is an antibiotic.

On a plus point, the drug proved to be effective to stop coronavirus spread to Monkey cells in a lab test.

The hoax created by the nations for the effectiveness of the drug, lead to a little restlessness. The drug is effective and can stop the spread of Coronavirus if you belong to the lab tested specimen, i.e Monkeys.

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