How to remain “Apolitical” in a Partly Free India?

March 07, 2021, The Liberacy:- Partly Free status was given to India by the Freedom House, and that sowed seeds of thoughts in many minds.
“He knows nothing, and he thinks he knows everything. That points to a political career.” This quote by George Bernard Shaw is apt for almost all the politicians alive nowadays in India.

“He knows everything; he thinks he shouldn’t say anything,” this refers to the vast majority of ‘apolitical’ Indians. A little bit of tinkering in Shaw’s quote gives the elucidated version of the ‘apolitical’ definition.

Sure, many don’t want to put their legs in the political muds and hence can’t afford to cleanse it. But politics is not a two-way blame game concerning only two nationalistic parties. It’s much more than casting a vote in every 5 years and feeling proud as an Indian for the ephemeral time being. Every policy decision affects the average Indian in either a direct or indirect way. It takes a spine to do the right thing irrespective of supporting any party or ideology.

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How to remain "Apolitical" in a Partly Free India?
How to remain “Apolitical” in a Partly Free India?

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)’s 2020 democracy index, India slipped to the 53rd position due to ‘democratic backsliding’ by authorities and ‘crackdowns’ on civil liberties. The latest recognition came from the noted US think tank Freedom House. The highly respected agency demoted India’s freedom score from “free” to “partly free”. For many, the score carries no value at all. Of course, some content creators for social media must be thinking about how to link this disaster to Nehru or to the previous government. Let them work, after all, it’s a free country.
Oops, partly free state!

National consciousness just wakes up by watching the republic day parade or a cricket match between India and Pakistan. Otherwise, it prefers to remain in secluded hibernation. When the price of petrol, diesel, LPG, or Onion goes sky-rocketed, then only some hue and cry happen in almost dead citizen corner and elusive opposition parties. But the price pandemonium tends to remain to die out soon and we are very consented to pay ₹100 per liter of petrol as the extra tax donation spent on “national” development.
After all, we are apolitical.

If we have already decided to behave according to the “Apolitical” code, then the following points should be duly noted and followed strictly.

  • If the essential needs like oil, LPG, grocery, fruits, and vegetables become non-affordable to a middle-class family, then that will lead to the search for alternatives, and in a way, citizens will become “self-reliant.”
    We should not cry for the price rise. Instead, we should appreciate the initiative as it will boost our already shrinking economy.
  • If the fares of local trains become double/triple, then it can be considered as a masterstroke in boosting health awareness. People will start cycling or walking a long distance to reach the office. The common problems arising from laziness will decrease and the average Indian longevity will increase.
    We should challenge Japan in some way internationally.
  • If a person shouting his heart out for any atrocity or human right violation, then his voice should be muzzled out. Already India is facing a huge number of problems from pollution, adding noise pollution to that list seems burdensome, a sure sign of too much democracy. We should curb that at any cost.
  • If any policy change happens and a lot of protests are happening because of it, then it is advisable to not attend any such meetings. Who knows the sedition charges will be placed against us?
    It’s better to crawl when the bomb is being exploded nearby. 
  • If by any chance your inner voice starts to protest against the ills of the society, then you should curb your voice, as any way how this is not affecting your national heritage. So, just pay the taxes, pay the bills religiously, don’t ask any questions, and always be ready to come out to the balcony to dance to any nationalistic rhythm or slogan on short notice.

And this is how you remain Apolitical in the Partly Free India.

British Naturalist Charles Darwin had proposed, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the most adaptable to change.”
It will be of best interest to many of us to take the politically correct route and remain hidden from what’s happening outside of our comfortable dwellings. 

In autocratic and failed States, people are supposed to salute the supreme leader and remain apolitical throughout their lives. Given the trend, we are not far behind. Few years ahead, we might sharpen our “Apolitical” skillsets, and who knows, if the stadium has already been built, or renamed.

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