Bonn Convention

Bonn Convention, also known as CMS (Convention on Conservation of Migrating Species), is an international treaty, adopted with an aim for the conservation of migrating species of wild animals.
Conn Convention was adopted in 1979, in the German city of Bonn, and came into force in 1983.
Bonn Convention was adopted with the singular aim of protecting Migrating Species of wild animals and/in their natural habitat.

Bonn Convention (1979) on Conservation of Migrating Species
Bonn Convention (1979) on Conservation of Migrating Species

It works under the watch of the “United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)”.
This convention has both, legal and non-legal bindings on the parties/countries, according to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) drafted for the conservation of different species at different habitats.
Conn Convention divided the migratory species into two appendices, according to the threat level and the level of protection needed.

Appendix 1

  • Endangered Species.
  • It Lists out the migrating species that were assessed and tagged as being in danger of extinction.
  • It also enlists the species that are at high risk of extinction in wildlife in the coming future and/or as defined by IUCN.

Appendix 2

  • It comprises the list of migrating species that need special protection in a range of states and/or in wild, which, if not given, can be threatened with extinction and might get listed in Appendix 1.

“ASCOBANS” which stands for “Conservation of Small Cetaceans of the Baltic, North East Atlantic, Irish and Noth Ses.” came into force in 2004, under Bonn Convention.
The African Continent has the largest number of members of the Bonn Convention.
There are 131 parties under the convention, and the latest to join was “The Central African Republic”, which joined in 2020.

India joined Bonn Convention in 1983, and hosted COP13, with Great Indian Bustard as the mascot, and India held the post of President of COP till 2023.

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