Dying Red Giant Star Emitting Mysterious “Six Smoke Rings” Observed

Scientists observed V Hydrae (V Hya) Dying Red Giant Star which has mysteriously emitted “Six Smoke Rings” captured by astronomers in unprecedented detail. It was in its final death stage, which shows a purple star emitting rings of smoke.

V Hydrae (V Hya) is a star in the Hydrae constellation and which, according to UCLA, started to fade by releasing a series of rings that are estimated to have formed hundred years ago.

Dying Red Giant Star Emitting Mysterious "Six Smoke Rings" Observed
Dying Red Giant Star Emitting Mysterious “Six Smoke Rings” Observed

Astronomers and scientists are keen to understand the process of the creation of the rings of the Dying Red Giant Star to understand the specific stages that could lead to a more clear vision of the fate of our own star, Sun.

This is the first discovery of such patterns made during the death of a star and may help in understanding the dying stages of stars in more detail.
The clarity of the pictures taken of this star is another achievement, such detailed pictures of such an important phenomenon were never taken before. The picture shows a purple big star entering its final stage of death.

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