What if the US attacks Russia?

World powers USA and Russia control almost half of the world order and are armed with superior weapons and logistics. But what if the US attacks Russia? What will go wrong for them or others? and who might be a gainer in this great war? Will they drag other nations into the war and give the world a “World War 3”?

There are thousands, if not millions, of angles to look at before the US or Russia decides to go all in.

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What if USA attacks Russia?
What if USA attacks Russia?

The USA attacking Russia means a full-fledged war between Russia and the US with NATO countries, that will ultimately drag the whole of Europe into the war, and guess what, it can be titled “World War 3”, as history will repeat itself in Europe, as said many times, the home of ‘Civilized’ population of earth or the ‘First World Nations’.
If NATO and US attacks Russia, it will use the neighboring lands of Russia, in countries like Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine. Considering, that Belarus is a Russian ally.
The war will be fought in these countries, and like every time, the USA will fight away from home.

Russia has a smaller portion inside Europe next to the Baltic Sea, bordering Lithuania and Poland, and in case of such a war, the bordering nations might dissolve the land into them, or the USA and NATO-led allied forces will use it as a center of operations in war.

Nuclear war will be the biggest threat in this situation, with tensions mounting in several places, like Europe, Bering Strait, the Arctic region, and North Pacific. Russia and USA own the biggest collection of Nuclear warheads and in any circumstance, one losing the war would result in the last chance of survival attack, and most probably, a nuclear attack on another.

The regions of Bering Strait, Arctic region, and North Pacific will be held hostile by one or the other nation, and the rest of the world should expect zero trade from these regions, as for obvious reasons, the toughest sanctions will be imposed on Russia and its allies by the west and vice versa.

India, China, and Australia will be walking a tightrope and will be pressurised to join the war.
Australia is said to be the ally of the USA and will join NATO forces, and China might take the Russian side.
India, since its independence, has maintained a ‘Non-aligned’ moment and always keeps itself neutral, suggesting diplomacy as the way forward, propagating that “Peace is the only way forward”.
Indian role will be crucial in the war, as it owns a special relationship with the west and a historic relationship with the Russians and the former soviet union.

Japan may choose to remain out of war if not provoked, due to its geographical location and neighbors armed with nuclear warheads, but when provoked Japan may choose sides with the USA and NATO forces just to ensure their own safety.

QUAD countries include the USA, India, Australia, and Japan. But, the role of QUAD seems to be dormant in Europe, and pressurizing QUAD to enter a war in Europe will bring more tensions on board, as it opposes QUAD agenda focusing on “Free Indo-pacific”

Belarus, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Syria, Iran, and North Korea might choose the Russian side but doubtful if these nations will help Russia with the military.

The war will destroy Europe and bring it years behind from what they currently are, and lose its economy to trade and oil. Oil is the main problem for Europe citing its dependency on Russia and an alternative to the oil imports is to look at Arab nations, who might not want to make any Russian enemies during war and would probably back out from any oil deal with Europe.

The economic impacts will be severe, with several markets crashing and some falling to the lowest, with higher inflation majorly because of edible oil that the world imports largely from Russia and Europe.
The supply chain of the northern hemisphere will be destroyed completely, affecting prices and the need for essential supplies, increasing hunger and probably millions of deaths because of the crises other than involving a direct war.

Space programs will take a big blow and an ever-severe threat of anti-satellite missions from enemies to disrupt military and civilian satellites, including the International Space Station.

United Nations with the world diplomats will, like always, condemn the war and urge the nations to accept peace and dialogue, probably throwing Russia out of United Nations, and later, just like the League of Nations, dissolve on its own.

If the USA attacks Russia, the war will have serious impacts on home and on the home economy, and just what the world saw after the first two world wars, a change in the world order and rise of new world powers, probably a stable one.

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